The Vampire Society ... A Private Society for real Vampires and their Disciples

Vampire Society Edgar Allan Poe

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before." — Edgar Allan Poe

The Vampire Society is a private and exclusive Society of real Vampires and their disciples. We are seeking others like us and those few who desire to become like us.

The Vampire Society provides fellowship among Vampires and helps its Members in their search to understand why they are Vampires and where we came from.

Inquiries are invited.

True Vampires are those who are possessed of full Vampire Blood.  They are the Vampire of lore and legend, although the subject of much misunderstanding.

Vampires can only be made of those with whom this Blood is shared.  The sharing of Vampire Blood and the making of a Vampire (the original blood brotherhood and sisterhood) is accomplished through a secret and occult process known only to those who have become Master Vampires.

Becoming a Vampire is most easily accomplished with those who already possess partial Vampire Blood, regardless of how little.

Some say that Vampirism originated in the mating of angels with mortal women, spoken of in the Bible in the Book of Genesis.  Vampires are their spiritual and physical descendants.  The angelic bloodline became diluted with time and many today possess Vampire Blood without knowing it, although they know they are different.

"These shades are said to gain access to the world of men by reincarnating in human shape, and are referred to as intruders, ancient alien souls transmigrating from the past" Paul Huson, Mastering Witchcraft

This Vampire Blood is passed on genetically.  Those through whose veins it courses often display characteristics of personality similar to Vampirism.  This is most widely expressed as gifts of psychic ability or paranormal powers, 'second sight' and telepathy, a hypnotic influence over others, clairvoyance, the ability to see spirits, a natural aversion to sunlight, an inborn ability to understand obscure occult subjects, an attraction to cemeteries, a desire to live in the past, and a feeling of being different and apart from others.

"Blood was its Avatar and its seal" Edgar Allan Poe


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