The Vampire Society ... A Private Society for real Vampires and their Disciples

Vampire Howard Phillips Lovecraft

"I know always that I am an outsider; a stranger in this century and among those who are still men" — H.P. Lovecraft

The Vampire Society is a private and exclusive Society of real Vampires and their disciples. We are seeking others like us and those few who desire to become like us.

The Vampire Society provides fellowship among Vampires and helps its Members in their search to understand why they are Vampires and where we came from.

Inquiries are invited.

Vampires are most often found to be living a solitary existence, sometimes with one or two disciples to aid them as links to the outside world.  Occasionally, they live in small families and it is not uncommon for a Vampire to have a mate.  Vampires shun the world at large and especially all things modern, although many make use of modern transportation and some even use the internet to communicate with one another.

Rarely do Vampires make other Vampires.  Vampirism is not a contagion or a disease.  We have no wish to people the world with Vampires and purposefully keep our numbers few.

It is a lovely thing to die not unto eternity but to awaken to immortal life, and many desire it.  The Gift, however, is not given without a price.  Only those who prove themselves by their devotion and service to The Vampire Society and who rightfully earn the title of Disciple will be given this consideration and initiated into the company of immortals.

Contrary to ideas propagated by popular books and movies, Vampires have no need to drink blood or suck the life completely from their so-called 'victims.'  Blood and the color red is a metaphor and symbol of the life-force.  Vampires need take only enough energy to maintain their own existence before draining another to the point of sickness or death.

Although immortal, Vampires are still human and have a respect for life.  They are not murderers or the criminally insane who prey upon the living.  No one loves life and shuns death more than Vampires.

Vampirism can sometimes become a two-way street or exchange of energies when the Vampire becomes affectionate or attracted towards the non-vampire.  While contact with a genuine Vampire is usually regarded as physically draining and leading to nervous exhaustion, it can also be exhilarating, reviving the vital forces, when the Vampire chooses to share his or her energy.

Considering the intimate and often sexual relationship that may develop between the Vampire and the mortal, the nocturnal visitations of a Vampire may produce sexual fulfillment and ecstasy far greater and more satisfying than that experienced through normal human relationships.

"We loved with a love that was more than love" Edgar Allan Poe


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