The Vampire Society ... A Private Society for real Vampires and their Disciples


"Tell him I lingered alone on the shore,
Where we parted, in sorrow, to meet nevermore;
The night-wind blew cold on my desolate heart
But colder those wild words of doom,
Ye must part" — Sarah Helen Whitman, Our Island of Dreams

The Vampire Society is a private and exclusive Society of real Vampires and their disciples. We are seeking others like us and those few who desire to become like us.

The Vampire Society provides fellowship among Vampires and helps its Members in their search to understand why they are Vampires and where we came from.

Inquiries are invited.

Vampires are men and women of great charm and beauty.  Gifted with uncanny occult powers, they emanate a beguiling, unearthly charisma or "presence."  They exert a powerful sexual attraction over others and their admirers frequently shower them with gifts and favors, enabling them to gather great wealth and riches.  Yet, the passage of time and the gathering of wisdom has taught them to value only life, and love.

Vampires are masters of the occult and frequently move in occult circles.  Because of their ability to communicate with the dead, they take a keen interest in spiritualism and are many times regarded as exceptionally gifted psychic mediums and readers.  They are experts on the paranormal, and adepts of ritual magic, alchemy, witchcraft, sorcery and voodoo.

Not all those who call themselves "real vampires" are the same, however.  We are not psychic vampires, sanguinary vampires (blood-drinkers), "lifestyle vampires," or those who use the persona of the vampire as a spiritual tradition, or as a mask or path to personal power.  We are Vampires.

We are of the ancient Blood, and our interest is in making contact with others like ourselves, as well as those who are possessed of partial Vampire Blood or who have a strong desire to become a Vampire themselves through a dedicated path to discipleship.

"The Old Ones were, the Old Ones are, and the Old Ones shall be.  Not in the spaces we know, but between them.  They walk serene and primal, undimensioned and to us unseen" H.P. Lovecraft


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