The Vampire Society ... A Private Society for real Vampires and their Disciples


"You have lifted my very soul up into the light of your soul, and I am not ever likely to mistake it for the common daylight." Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The Vampire Society is a private and exclusive Society of real Vampires and their disciples. We are seeking others like us and those few who desire to become like us.

The Vampire Society provides fellowship among Vampires and helps its Members in their search to understand why they are Vampires and where we came from.

Inquiries are invited.

Q. Is this for real?

A. Yes, The Vampire Society is very real.  A perusal of our web pages will reveal the seriousness of our Society and that it is neither a joke or purely for entertainment.

“My observation of the Universe convinces me that there
are beings of intelligence and power of a far higher quality
than anything we can conceive of as human; that they are
not necessarily based on the cerebral and nervous structures
that we know, and that the one and only chance for
mankind to advance as a whole is for individuals to make
contact with such Beings.” — Aleister Crowley

We've just added this FAQ page and welcome your questions!

“For what could the damned freely have to say to the damned?” — Louis, Interview with the Vampire

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