Here is a copy of a general email that I sent out on Sunday, April 15 in response to the numerous inquiries we have received about The Vampire Society.  I have received many requests to reprint it on our website (as well as start a blog), so here it is.

To all the beautiful people who have written inquiring about The Vampire Society over the past few months, I send my greetings.

If you have been waiting long for a reply, I apologize.  I have been sleeping.  If you are already a Vampire, you will understand.  If not, I ask your indulgence.  I am usually quite prompt about answering my correspondence.  I did not anticipate the interest generated by the publishing of our website or I would have arranged for someone to answer the emails while I was away.

In publishing the webpage for The Vampire Society, our stated intention was:

“The Vampire Society is a private and exclusive Society of real Vampires and their disciples. We are seeking others like us and those few who desire to become like us.”

The idea for a website for the Society has been under consideration for a number of years, so that we might reach those other Vampires (and the ones destined to be) who remained yet unknown to us.  We faced many obstacles and challenges from the international society of true Vampires in launching such a website.  True Vampires are clannish and keep to themselves.  As many of you have no doubt discovered, meeting a real Vampire can be difficult. 

Their concerns were not unfounded.  The people who are interested in authentic Vampires range from the curious to the incredulous, and from the open and intelligent seeker to the genuinely dangerous.  For every serious inquirer there are a number of cranks and some people have even taken upon themselves the role of self-styled “vampire hunter.”  And there are always those rich oriental potentates who will stop at nothing to achieve immortality.  As if Vampirism could be bought and sold like any cheap commodity!

There are, of course, many misconceptions regarding the true nature of the Vampire.  While most people no longer believe that witches fly through the air and turn themselves into cats, the vast majority still cling to the myths and legends surrounding the Vampire, both believer and unbeliever alike.  While there is much truth in the old legends (and we ourselves are often guilty of perpetuating them), few realize that where there is smoke, there is also fire.  The truth about Vampires is infinitely more powerful and more beautiful than anything the fanciful imaginations of Hollywood could ever devise.

In the past, membership in The Vampire Society was limited strictly to those of full or partial Vampire Blood and a very few who were deemed to be worthy of initiation into the Mysteries of Vampirism through the personal recommendation of a Member of the Society.  We now see the need for a greater expansion of the Society to serve a wider membership base and are considering ways that would help bring in those who are truly worthy while protecting our members and keeping our vows of secrecy and silence.

We do thank you for your sincere interest and have already begun taking steps in this direction, for we have seen that there are many who recognize the blood of the Old Ones, however small, that courses through their veins and stirs the depths of their soul.  Deep calling unto deep.

I look forward to forging many new friendships, ones that will last more than a lifetime.  I will endeavor to answer each and every one of your emails in the order received, so please be aware that it may take some time.  Speed writing is not one of the powers of the Vampire!  I will pay special attention to those of you who have endeavored to share personally of your lives, your hopes and dreams.

Again, I thank you for your interest and ask that you keep in touch. 

Sincerely yours,

Lucretia M. Nightingale